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"The night is large, and full of wonders...."
Celestial North's Mission: "To foster comprehension and enjoyment of the sciences by bringing the excitement and wonder of the universe into Puget Sound communities, schools and homes."
Celestial North is now
on orbit aboard the
Genesis II Space Station!

Celestial North Outreach Programs:

"It's Over Your Head" - astronomy radio program
Science Writing Internships - science journalism opportunities
Educational enrichment - school programs
Public outreach - presentations, events,activities
Upcoming Events - local presentations
Special Series - Quantum Universe Report.
Interviews - scientists, authors
NASA/JPL - Solar System Ambassador
2006 "Out of this World" Award Recipient for outstanding public outreach!
"Unique, multimedia approach to sharing astronomy with local community separates Washington club from the rest."- Astronomy.com
Read the entire announcement online.

NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador

Astronomy Radio Programming

Celestial North's weekly radio program.  Each 5-minute episode airs at 8:20AM Wednesdays and 4:00PM Thursdays. Broadcast audio and transcripts are online, or listen live via the web.

Science Writing Internships

Gain science writing/journalism experience through Celestial North's internship program for college and high school students and other aspiring science journalists.

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